Fletching Glasshouses

One of the delights of social media is that it’s quite easy to incorporate information from one place into another. Our vegetable production arm has its own web site which is all about Organic Vegetables in East Sussex. It has its own blog that updates the details of what’s available when with information about what else is going on at the nursery. So thanks to the wonders of the internet you don’t have to go looking for it – you can find it here.

Why we started the Intelligent Garden

I first started gardening as a research student working on how plants grow. Then we bought a small holding in Shropshire for a while before we discovered computers and marketing. 20 years later we started selling plants on-line.

Expansion meant we needed premises - so we acquired a nursery with 2 acres of glasshouse and started growing organic vegetables again. By September 2008 we had our soil association certification and had started selling biological controls online.

Talking to people on farmer's markets I sense a real hunger for people to garden and produce their own food. And a real interest in local and pesticide free produce.

So we created the Intelligent Garden ito help you get the most from your garden by offering the knowledge, products and advice you need to work effectively with nature to release the intelligence in your garden.

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Job Vacancies

We are looking for someone with an interest in plants and a willingness to learn and follow directions. Must be physically fit, reliable and prepared to ‘muck in’. Will need to be living within travelling distance from BN8 4JJ […]

Cosmic Beetroot - a great recipe

This is a great recipe for beetroot. It goes really well with Curries – we used to used to serve it with Keema Korma […]

The great nematode famine.

Despite at least three or four nights when the temperature here has gone down to -5C before Christmas, the little blighters are still flourishing like the green bay tree and homing in on the Pak Choy and Tatsoi with knives and forks in hand. We are going to be under siege for months to come. […]

Autumn Vegetables - where did the summer go?

If you are under glass or have a polytunnel you still have time to plant things up to overwinter. You will get a catch crop by the beginning of November that you can continue harvesting through out the winter. As long as they have some green left they will regenerate when the light turns in the middle of February and will keep you in fresh greens through the hungry gap into May when the new seasons plantings start to work. […]

Fresh Salads and Chard from the Glasshouses

Part of the trick with growing things commercially is that you always need to have something to sell. So for us we expect to have a good crop of peppers and aubergines and squash over the next couple of months with about half a dozen beds of sweet potatoes coming through. However our main focus is on providing a succession of chard and spinach that will take us through to Christmas. […]

Preserving what we produce

passata maker

I’m currently dealing with an excess of tomatoes so I thought I’d tell you about a couple of products we’ve recently taken on which you can buy via our Amazon store to help me in producing tomato and chilli relish, chutney, salsa and passata. […]

Planting Leeks

We’ve just planted out some leeks in the glasshouse. As commercial growers we need to make sure that the spacing is right so as to deliver the optimum yield and make the plants easy to weed. We use a bamboo grid to plant them at approx 13cm centres which means we can use the 8cm small wolf tools – hoes, rakes etc to keep the plants clean. […]

Today’s the day we start the reservoir

reservoir site

we’ve been planning to create a reservoir in the little valley in front of the house. It should hold about 800 cubic meters and save us around £5000 a year. We know we’re doing the right thing because every time we go to a horticultural conference most of the speakers are talking about the need to save water. […]

If winter comes can spring be far behind?

The main task for this weekend has got to be sitting down with the seed catalogues and planning next year’s layout for the garden. Apart from all that final tidying up, staking tall plants, last minute pruning and sharpening up and cleaning the tools ready for the spring campaign. […]