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Reservoir Update

Needless to say having been as dry as a bone up to the time of the launch on 3rd June it then proceeded to rain quite satisfactorily. Too satisfactorily some might say with the result that I spent a fair amount of time the week before last bobbing about on a windsurfer sawing strategic bits off the outlet pipes. I don’t look my best in neoprene.

The revolutionary Earthbox – Product of the month!

This month the earthbox has shot to fame. So far we’ve sold about 8 which is about what we’ve sold in the whole previous history of the company. The earthbox is a revolutionary self watering patio planter which will enable people with limited space to grow tomatoes and other salad crops on balconies, roofs or patios.

It’s propagation time

By | November 17, 2010

According to the Gardener’s world team this is a good time to be making hardwood cuttings. In general you’re better off working with the tides of nature – soft fruit and soft cuttings are often best done in the spring when the plants are really into growth. However some plants go well at this time of year.