Organic Pest Control

Working with Nature’s Intelligence means using techniques that lead to a sustainable balance – lots of apples for a long time at a reasonable cost to produce.

Part of the mix is using natural predators to control outbreaks of pests. However the aim is to keep the environment in some kind of balance. The permaculture boys would say that if you have an imbalance you have probably caused it – but that is a bit extreme.  However the general idea is sound.

You should design your gardening so that you don’t encourage build up of pests by being overly monocultural – some aspects of companion planting – like marigolds and garlic – are definitely worth looking into. However you can help yourself by looking for early signs of problems and getting some predators on the case.

Nematodes for example are particularly effective against slugs. chafer bugs and leather jackets while encarsia – a parasitic wasp is good against white fly. There are specific predators also for pests like mealy bug and red spider mite.

If you want to explore how to deal with these pests there are fuller descriptions on our LadybirdPlantcare site  where you can also buy them.


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