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Know your pests #1 Red Spider Mite

By | November 19, 2014

Currently causing problems for our customers is the glasshouse spider mite is known as “Red Spider Mites” they are actually better named “Two Spotted Mites”. When active they are pale greeny-brown in colour and can be recognised by the two 2 dark dots on their backs – they are only red in winter.

The great nematode famine.

By | January 9, 2013

Despite at least three or four nights when the temperature here has gone down to -5C before Christmas, the little blighters are still flourishing like the green bay tree and homing in on the Pak Choy and Tatsoi with knives and forks in hand. We are going to be under siege for months to come.

How to Deer Proof You Garden using plants

By | March 15, 2012

Down here not a million miles away from the Ashdown Forest we have packs of wild deer roaming the countryside looking for things to munch. As part of the development of the Forest garden we have been protecting the fruit trees and Camellias with plastic mesh cages. However at the Intelligent Garden we like to work with nature where possible so I was delighted to come across this piece via Twitter. I’ve reproduced some of it because it’s so useful.

Just because it’s getting cold don’t think the vine weevils have given up!

By | October 21, 2011

Those of you who follow Gardener’s World may remember that Monty Don was warning you about these last week. If you don’t nobble them now they’ll keep on chomping away at your plants and their roots all through the winter so that by the spring they’ll be feeling sorry for themselves.

One Shot Organic Pest Control

Healthy Plants resist pests up to a point. Companion planting can help, garlic washes and other organic treatments can be beneficial. But sometimes you just have to go on the offensive. It doesn’t matter how healthy the plants are – if there’s a pitch invasion of caterpillars they’re going to suffer unless you do something about it.