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What you can do with Mypex

By | February 18, 2011

One of the things that you need to put some attention to in a commercial organic concern is managing weed control. You can either do it by hoeing, by planting the crops close together so that ultimately they will suppress the weeds as plants like chard do so well or you can use some kind of mulch that the weeds can’t get through.In our nursery we use a product called mypex.

How we grow Broadbeans

By | February 5, 2011

We start off with the netting on the ground and plant out the bean seedlings through the holes. This year at the urging of our work experience intern from Kenya, the guys have gone back to a tighter spacing as I originally used. This means that this year the beans are about 30 cm apart in rows with about 20 cm spacing between rows (the plants being staggered so that they have a bit of space

It’s propagation time

By | November 17, 2010

According to the Gardener’s world team this is a good time to be making hardwood cuttings. In general you’re better off working with the tides of nature – soft fruit and soft cuttings are often best done in the spring when the plants are really into growth. However some plants go well at this time of year.

Today’s tips

By | October 14, 2010

Now is the right time to get your spring bulbs in. Plant hyacinths now and keep them in the dark to be ready for Christmas – my dad always kept his in the airing cupboard. And get the daffs and other spring bulbs into the lawn now so that they’ll be ready to gladden the heart by their progress in bleakest February.

May Bank Tips

Sometimes we’re a bit overenthusiastic when it comes to forcing rhubarb – a great if under used fruit these days. Here you can see that we’ve left the plastic dustbin on too long and a couple of the shoots are starting to create flowers. Simply cut these stems off at ground level so that they… Read More »

Blossoms, Bees and Top Tips

The Bees are to do with our activities at growing organic veg under glass. We’d been a bit concerned that the broad beans weren’t setting properly so we’ve bought a little hive of bumble bees to live in the glasshouse. They need to be shady and about 3 feet off the ground. It duly arrived in the post with 80 bees buzzing away to themselves. Having followed the instructions to let them settle down for an hour or so I opened the door. One bee duly emerged while the others stayed sulking in the hive

This is the traditional weekend for planting potatoes

You’re supposed to be planting your spuds this weekend. However if you’re anywhere like we are the ground is still really to wet – it’s squelching underfoot. I think you’ll just have to get them ready so that as soon as the ground is reasonably dry you’ll be ready to go. That’s why we thought it might be useful to have a few selfwatering patio planters around so that you can at least get salad and other crops away without waiting for everything to dry out.