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The reluctant gardener

By | September 27, 2010

She was a farmer’s wife in essex and ran a 4.5 acre Market Garden in the 1950s. She is of course not reluctant at all but she revels in how to garden with nature instead of against it. How to do less and accomplish more. She would probably never have heard of the principle of least action – but the whole book could be a sermon on it. There’s more wisdom in its 120 pages than in most of the other books in my study.

Geoff in 3D – permaculture in the cottage garden

By | January 2, 2010

What really struck me watching Geoff at work was how aligned he was with Permaculture ideas even though they weren’t at all widespread when he made the series in 1990. Making use of every available scrap of space by going into the third dimension is one of the key principles of permaculture and its really nice to get some practical tips about how to do it, bearing in mind how much space squashes and courgettes take up if you let them trail.

More from Geoff

By | December 29, 2009

This is the English artisan’s answer to the concept of a potager. Although Geoff can do formal knot gardens too as he set out a formal herb garden in episode four.

Part of the reason I think he’s such a great role model is that he has a complete, integrated vision of what he’s trying to produce. Then he goes about realising it in a workmanlike way marrying craft with vision in a way that’s very English. You can see George Stephenson constructing railway engines in the same kind of way.