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Growing vegetables on your patio – or balcony

By | February 11, 2010

In the Intelligent Garden, we feel it’s really important to help people who want to grow some fresh produce in a limited space. Part of this is about growing in borders as recommended by Geoff Hamilton or Marylyn Abbot in her book Gardens of Plenty. I used to regularly grow chard, sorrel and mange tout in our the borders in our back garden in Guildford.

However, you can grow a surprising amount in pots and patio planters. So we’ve added 2 exciting products (well they inspire me anyway) for patio use as well as the revolutionary AeroGarden for fresh herbs in the kitchen. But I’ll tell you all about that another day.

Welcome to the Intelligent Garden

By | August 30, 2009

The Intelligent Garden developed from our Organic Nursery at Fletching Glasshouses where we sell plants as gifts on line and supply serious gardeners with organic pest controls and a few other items that we’ve found useful as growers and which will be useful for serious gardeners like yourelf. There’s more to gardening than chucking on a load of compost and hoping for the best. It’s systems and know how that get results. So this site is here to share with you what we’ve found out along the way.