As soon as it rains the slugs will arrive

By | April 19, 2017

Here in the South of England we have had a brilliant spring.

It’s been unusual this year in that the drought as meant that the blossoms are way ahead of the leaves so we are surrounded by trees in full flower.

However, like the serpent in paradise, as soon as we get any serious rain the slugs will be away and the traditional mayhem will break out. The slugs will nibble away at plants, weakening and often destroying them. Traditionally toads will eat them but we can also add nematodes to the garden to help control these pests.

Nematodes (Phasmarhabditis hermaphrodita)

We supply packs of microscopic beneficial nematodes (eel worms) which are watered into pots or open ground with a watering can or hose. They enter the slug through a hole in its back while it is underground and poison it so that it will die within a few days underground, out of sight.  You can buy these by visiting our sister site Ladybird PlantCare or learn more by watching the video below.

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