Springtime on the horizon – growth in the garden – and pests.

By | February 24, 2015

One of the delights of having a birthday at the back end of February is that you know if you can just grit your teeth and hang on till the critical date then winter will nearly be over.

The light has turned already and things are starting to stir. However, we know that if spring time comes the pests won’t be far behind.

One of the things we’ve been doing here during the winter is going out and giving talks to gardening societies about how to control pests biologically. This means using their natural predators to keep them in balance. As we run a plant nursery specialising in house plants on the one hand and organic vegetables on the other we have a fair amount of experience in managing the attacks of pests like red spider mite, mealy bug, whitefly and of course the inevitable slug.

So the talk is based on our own experiences in controlling them ourselves. We’ve chopped the highlights up into a series of videos – one for each of these major pests.  These combine slides with the chance to see some small videos we’ve taken of some of the pests and their predators in action so that if you’ve never had the chance to see the enemy face to face you can have the chance to get to know them. They’re posted on our  You-tube channel so we thought it would be quite timely to post the series over the next few weeks.

To get you started here’s the introduction video.

Enjoy 🙂


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