While we’re snow bound we can still be planning

By | January 22, 2013

Milo looking for mice amongst the chicory

Milo looking for mice amongst the chicory

Up in the glasshouses, the broadbeans and mange tout are well on, the chard and spinach are waiting to burst into life again as soon as the light turns but we have a great crop of chicory and mustard at the moment.

Looking ahead we have more broadbeans on the bench, lots of garlic planted and fennel, leeks and peppers – both chili and sweet on the propagation benches.

ONe thing you should be gearing up for is to make your seedlings get away to a good start. In our propagation area we’re fortunate to have underbench hot water heating and an air heater that keeps the temperature at around 6-7 degrees – enough to keep our citrus plants in good heart.

We have a sodium light to get our plants off to a good start but you’re probably operating on a smaller scale. One of the

root!t propagation light

Root!t 2 foot propagation light

product ranges we have found to be reliable are the root!t range of propagators and accessories including heated mats, misters and thermostats.

One product that seems particularly popular at the moement is the Root!t 2ft propagation light and stand. It sells for around £54 plus shipping on our Amazon Store and may be well worth a look.

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