#RHShampton court – where you can buy the plants we showed at Grow Your Own Curry

Our Grow Your Own Curry Ingredients
Grow your own curry ingredients displayed at Hampton court

We had a great time at Hampton Court Flower Show last week and there was a fanatastic interest in our ‘Grow Your Own Curry’ display. It was great to meet so many people with an interest in cooking with fresh ingredients and to hear some of your own recipes – kaffir lime pannacotta is one I will be trying myself this week!

Thanks to Daisy Greenwell for a great little write up in the Times yesterday and don’t forget you can buy all the ingredients in the display and featured in T2 at www.plants4presents.co.uk

Plants4Presents – our sister site which specialises in unusual plants for gifts.

Plants4Presents sell plants online as gifts and deliver all over the UK. Our aim  is always to sell interesting plants that we would like to receive ourselves. Over time our range of citrus trees, flowering plants, climbers and chilli plants has slowly expanded to include lots of other edible plants including kaffir lime leaves, lemongrass, curry leaf trees and turmeric.

We were really pleased by how much interest there was in these exotic herbs and spices at the show and and of course our bronze medal 🙂

Please do continute to your comments or recipes on this blog – we’d love to hear from you!

From our Guest Blogger, Emily Rae, of Plants4Presents.

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