How to create a hedge

By | March 28, 2012

As part of the Woodland Garden project we have been constructing a hedge on the outside to discourage deer.

We’ve been following the principle of making maximum use of what’s already there so we’ve divided existing bushes and planted them along the line, layed existing hazel and willow, used cuttings from the hazel which now seem to be rooting ok and transplanting in thorn and holly volunteers plus a few spare rosemary bushes. We’ve also made use of the existing brambles and rosa rugosa which were already in place.  Finally we’ve incoroporated a small oak tree and a baby yew which had already seeded themselves in the line of the hedge.

We want something that will discourage the deer through being prickly, pungent (the rosemary) while being as ornamental and edible as possible so that it would form an integral edge into our 5 metre woodland garden ribbon. We’ll let you know how get on.

The accompanying video shows some of the stages we went through in creating it.

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