Getting the Garden ready to go

By | December 11, 2011

Some interesting advice from Monty Don on the Christmas Gardener’s World this week

1) Get the annuals out, cut back the perennials and apply a 3 inch mulch of compost.

2) Get new fruit trees in – dig a shallow but wide hole and use the fork to loosen the bottom. Don’t put compost in the hole – other wise the roots will stay in the hole and not go looking for food.  In any case make sure that the graft is about 2-3″ above the eventual ground level. and stake the tree for its first 3 years. However The Intelligent Garden recommends you use a pair of old tights to tie it to the stake – guarantees a bit of movement in the wind without damaging the stem.

3) Divide and move tired, old Rhubarb. The newer, more vigorous growth is on the outside so focus on getting some good strong pieces. Then plant them out with some compost. You will need to be doing this now as you’ll want it to kick in in March/April.

That should keep you out of mischief.  We were really interested in what he had to say as we’re planning a woodland garden round the house to incorporate some permaculture ideas so we’ll let you know how we get on.

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