Just because it’s getting cold don’t think the vine weevils have given up!

By | October 21, 2011

Vine Weevil on the loose

Awooga Awooga - vine weevil alert

This cheekly little chap is a vine weevil. Those of you who follow Gardener’s World may remember that Monty Don was warning you about these last week. If you don’t nobble them now they’ll keep on chomping away at your plants and their roots all through the winter so that by the spring they’ll be feeling sorry for themselves.

The same is alas true for lawn as Mr Vine Weevils mates,  the leather jacket and chafer bug gangs are busy munching away encouraged by an almost supernaturally dry autmn.

This one was swanning about as bold as brass in our nursery so he was duly measured by the management and turned into a sales pitch.

Our sister company, Ladybird Plantcare, sells the nematodes that stop these little blighters in their tracks so that you won’t have to endure the spectacle of swathes being  cut through your precious plants next summer by the adults that these chaps will turn into.  Orders received by midday Monday will be shipped Wednesday afternoon. Visit us here to find out more.

So have  look and see if there’s anyone looking like this at large in your Garden and if so give us a call


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