Fresh Salads and Chard from the Glasshouses

By | September 15, 2011

Growing Winter Salads

We’ve been busy getting the winter crops ready here.

As you may imagine, during the peak months of July and August people have plenty of vegetables available in their own allotments and gardens. However as we start to move into the winter months this tends to tail off and they come back to us.

Part of the trick with growing things commercially is that you always need to have something to sell.  So for us we expect to have a good crop of peppers and aubergines and squash over the next couple of months with  about half a dozen beds of sweet potatoes coming through.

However our main focus is on providing a succession of chard and spinach that will take us through to Christmas. If you have a small polytunnel you could do the same yourself. When we had our small holding in Shropshire all those years ago we had a 5 x 2 polytunnel that kept us in cut and come again lettuce throughout the winter.

Visit to Fletching Glasshouses

You can see some of this in the video here which I’ve recently created for our appearance on and a couple of other local food portals. It also illustrates how we make the salad bags and how we get them ready to ship out for online orders.


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