Reservoir Update

After several months of drought followed by rain and a final visit from the sand filter suppliers we at last have an operational system.

Needless to say having been as dry as a bone up to the time of the launch on 3rd June it then proceeded to rain quite satisfactorily. Too satisfactorily some might say with the result that I spent a fair amount of time the week before last bobbing about on a windsurfer sawing strategic bits off the outlet pipes. I don’t look my best in neoprene.

However last week the sand arrived for the sand filter, the pump was installed and the sparky came to connect it all up.

Wahey – it works. We’ve now done two irrigations with collected rainwater and Herself is getting on with planting up the margins with Irises and Oxygenators.

So Mission accomplished apart from sorting out the usual teething problems.

Our next challenge is taking Plants4Presents to the Hampton Court Flower Show – but more of that later.

In the mean time here are a couple of snaps of the finished article.

Self with Norman Baker MP in front of reservoir on Launch Day

The reservoirs in all their current glory.

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