Our Amazon Feedback

We’ve been selling products on Amazon for a few years as Ladybird PlantCare which specialises in natural predators like nematodes and spider mite control. About eighteen months ago we renamed the store to “The Intelligent Garden” and since then we steadily selling things like soil testing kits, wolf tools, mycorrhiza, mypex fabric for weed suppression and self watering Earthbox planters. Plus a few plants like calamondins and also a boxed selection of organic leaves from our glasshouses in the grocery section.

I’ve finally discovered how to embed the Amazon Feedback page into the site so in a spirit of modest pride I thought I’d share it with you here. We take our customers needs seriously and if there’s a problem we’re pretty quick to sort it out as some of the kind comments show. We’ve always found that you can have all the marketing you like but if you don’t look after the customers pretty soon you won’t have a business.

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