The revolutionary Earthbox – Product of the month!

We’re always being surprised by what people actually buy. Steady sellers suddenly go off the boil and things that have been dormant for ages suddenly become fashionable.

This month the earthbox has shot to fame. So far we’ve sold about 8 which is about what we’ve sold in the whole previous history of the company.

The earthbox is a self watering patio planter which will enable people with limited space to grow tomatoes and other salad crops on balconies, roofs or patios.It comes complete with castors so it can be moved in and out of sun as needed.


Earthbox self watering planting system

The fine weather is obviously turning people’s thoughts to growing more salads. The great thing about these is that they have a reservoir to hold water and mulch covers and specific nutrient packs to get best results while using water effectively enough that you can take a short holiday without worrying about your plants drying out.  The Earthbox is available via our Amazon site and can be purchased here

There is an additional staking kit which allows you to grow tomatoes, cucumbers and other climbing vegetables effectively. This is shown in the picture below.

Earthbox staking Kit

Earthbox staking kit

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