One Shot Organic Pest Control

One challenge of growing your own is to make sure that a good proportion of what you sow and raise makes it through to harvest time.   The most important thing is to make sure that the plants don’t get checked. They need light, moisture, feeding and warmth.  If you get that right, the plants will grow vigorously enough to smother weeds – if you plant them closely enough together and keep them clean in the meantime.

And they’ll resist pests – up to a point.

Companion planting can help, garlic washes and other organic treatments can be beneficial. But sometimes you just have to go on the offensive. It doesn’t matter how healthy the plants are – if there’s a pitch invasion of caterpillars they’re going to suffer unless you do something about it.

So what to do about it. Our sister site, Ladybird Plantcare sells a number of remedies but I’d like to tell you about one that was released last year called Grow Your Own.

It’s a broad spectrum cocktail of different species of nematodes. These are little worms that attack plant predators. However this product attacks a whole range of  pests.

Nemasys Grow Your Own Pest Control is a unique mix of different nematode species to target a broad range of pests. Especially for the home gardener, it has been specifically researched to combat carrot root fly, cabbage root fly, leatherjackets, cutworms, onion fly, ants, sciarid fly, caterpillars, gooseberry sawfly, thrips, and codling moth.

It is  easy to use and when used as a programme, the gardener does not have to worry about application times or thorough investigations as to what the pests actually are. Just follow the programme – designed to target pests when they are active in the soil or on plants, see below for specific details. Nemasys Grow Your Own is safe on food crops and suitable for use on organic crops. It will not harm pets, children, wildlife or bees. Here’s a video to tell you a little bit more

You can buy it in packs that will do a 60 square meter patch (that’s about half of a small allotment) with either two or three applications.  More details on Grow Your Own can be found here and you can buy it from The Intelligent Garden Amazon Store

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