This week’s task list

1) start to reclaim the lawn. The grass has started to grow so I gave ours the first once over with the mower this last weekend. Rake out moss and reseed areas that have got a bit thin.

Think about feeding it. If you have bulbs like daffs in the lawn mow round them – in fact leave them until the leaves start to die back of their own accord in about 6 weeks time before finally mowing them off.

2) Start to think about getting your potatoes in.

3) Plant out spring bulbs

4) Tie in climbers

5) Feed the Roses

6) Look out for pests – Aphids might be starting to get moving now. If you’re into controlling them biologically have a look at our sister site

That should keep you out of mischief between now and Easter. For more details check out the RHS site here.

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