What you should be planting now

By | March 26, 2011

I’ve been showing you some examples of how you can use your green house to get plants started early. However, I’m aware that we have been showing you pictures of things that have already happened rather than kept you up to date in real time with what’s going on.

So – what have we been planting this week?

The answer is Squash, herbs and lettuce, celeriac, cucumbers and peppers – chillis and sweet.

People have also often asked me what varieties do we use ourselves.

Sweet Lightning Squash

Sweet Lightning Squash

Friars Hat Chillis

Friars Hat Chillis

For squash we’ve planted Kuri, Blue Ballet, winter butternut, sweet lightning and delicata.  These last two were our best sellers last year.

We plant Prinz Celeriac, Indigo Radiccio and Amorina lettuce ( a frilled variety).

Sweet peppers are Marconi Red, California wonder and Banana with a wide variety of chillis including habanero red, cayenne, Demon red and the charmingly  named ring of fire.

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