Today’s the day we start the reservoir

We’ve been planning this for ages. We use about £8000 worth of mains water a year in our nursery so we’ve been planning to create a reservoir in the little valley in front of the house. It should hold about 800 cubic meters and save us around £5000 a year. We know we’re doing the right thing because every time we go to a horticultural conference most of the speakers are talking about the need to save water.

We’ve been evaluating different ways of doing it, making models of the land form and getting quotes for over a year now.

And today it’s all starting off – 3 sets of people on site doing different things – and its a beautiful sunny day.

Here’s what it looked like before. This was taken last winter after all the rain had filled the little valley.

reservoir site

Site for the reservoir

Today we have two sets of diggers, one enlarging the valley and one digging the trench for the rainwater coming off the glasshouse roof.

Excavation begins

Excavation begins

And here’s the old boiler being cut out to make way for the sand filter.

Old boiler

Old Boiler being cut up

No doubt we’ll have some problems before we’re done but today – it just really exciting.

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