Planting Leeks

By | March 24, 2011

We’ve just planted out some leeks in the glasshouse.  As commercial growers we need to make sure that the spacing is right so as to deliver the optimum yield and make the plants easy to weed.  We use a bamboo grid to plant them at approx 13cm centres which means we can use the 8cm small wolf tools – hoes, rakes etc to keep the plants clean.

We use 2 other techniques of weed control – which as organic growers we do manually. One is to grow plants through a weed suppressing sheeet such as mypex – but its obviously not practicable to do that with leeks as they are too closely spaced.  The other approach we use with crops lik spinach and chard is to organise the density so that the plants themselves smother the weeds.

So – here’s the video about planting leeks  – more on our you-tube channel.

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