Winter Purslane and Pak Choi – two great winter crops

By | February 2, 2011

Although we really should be looking ahead, I just wanted to draw your attention to a couple of crops that you can grow effectively in the winter if you have a small polytunnel. When we lived in Shropshire during the Earth Trip #1 we had a little 5 x 2 meter number which was great for winter lettuce.

Our organic veg business struggles to produce very much other than stirfry mix and winter salad at this time of year since our formerly vast stands of spinach and chard were sold in the run up to Christmas and the plants are waiting for the sun to recover. Our policy is to grow a wide variety of leaves and make up the mixes from what’s available on the day.

The two crops which without question have won the “lets defy the winter” award are winter purslane which has been the backbone of the salad crops (along with the Mizuna) and Pak Choi which has been doing famously. This is really a winter crop as in short days it bolts as soon as it gets to maturity. However at this time of the year the light levels are low enough to keep it vegetative. And Tasty!

So here are some pictures of the champs to remind us that even in the winter plants can keep growing.

Pak Choy - January 2011

Winter Purslane January 2011

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