What you should be doing this week

By | February 12, 2011

According to the RHS, the three tasks at the moment are tidying up, finishing the pruning and getting new fruit bushes in and preparing for the orgy of planting ahead.

The main thing about growing your own is to make sure that the plants don’t get checked so they want to be vigorous. One of the key things we know is that you want your seeds to get off to a good start. That means making sure that the soil is warm and inviting for  them. If you stick seeds into cold wet soil they may be so discouraged that they’ll just sulk and eventually rot away.

So what can you do to overcome this?

1} warm the soil up. You can use cloches, fleece or even black polythene. but this will give the soil the chance to dry out a bit and now that we’re into February the light has turned and there’s some power in the sun – always assuming he condescends to come out from behind the clouds.

2) once its dry enough – in light soil you can start to get the more hardy things underway – beetroot, chard, carrots and broadbeans and possibly some garlic.

3) for the other things get them going in propagators – there’s plenty of choice in our Amazon Store.

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