What you can do with Mypex

By | February 18, 2011

Tea Plants growing through Mypex

Tea Plants growing through Mypex

One of the things that you need to put some attention to in a commercial organic concern is managing weed control. You can either do it by hoeing, by planting the crops close together so that ultimately they will suppress the weeds as plants like chard do so well or you can use some kind of mulch that the weeds can’t get through.

In our nursery we use a product called mypex which is a woven plastic fabric that cuts out most of the light but through which you can grow plants. It has the advantage also that if you are growing “fruit” vegetables such as tomatoes, courgettes or peppers it makes it much easier to keep the produce reasonably dirt free when harvesting during gluts. It also has the effect of warming the soil so that the plants get started quicker. It’s reusable for several seasons and we’ve started to use it quite a bit.

We’re obviously buying it in industrial quantities but we thought it might be quite useful to gardeners and allotment holders to be able to get hold of it easily and economically. So we’ve got 3 sizes available via the Amazon site. It comes in 2m widths so you can buy 2 x 2.5 or 2 x 5 sheets which would be suitable for covering the usual sizes of raised beds that people use ( it cuts easily with a pair of scissors) or you can buy a 25 m length suitable for rows of blackcurrants, gooseberries and raspberries down one side of an allotment plot.

Here’s a picture of a couple of tea plants growing through it at our nursery.

We also use it quite extensively on the propagation benches because it’s water porous and lets the water through to be held in the capillary matting we use to retain water when the temperature is hot. The plants will suck the water back through the matting on the bench but the matting itself does help to reduce evaporation.

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