Organic soil sterilisation – keen as mustard.

One of the interesting things about gardening as it is today is the increasing mainstreaming of organic practice.  It’s not so long ago that the Gardener’s Question Time team were generally in favour of nuking with whatever the current version of Pestdoom was.

Not any more. Last weekend we managed a visit to RHS Wisley to meet an old chum and take a trip round the garden. I always like to take a trip through the various model gardens there. I always particularly like the fruit gardens but on this occasion I finished up going through the veg patch. This has developed quite a bit since last time I was there. Currently there’s a model allotment, a model organic patch, a patio garden, a potager and some systematic beds. In fact if you wanted to check out how to do a whole range of things its well worth a trip.

In the middle of all this is a bed of Caliente Mustard. It’s one of those plants that secretes stuff from its roots that the bad guys in the soil don’t like – it’s kind of green manure with attitude.  I’ve taken the liberty of photographing the notice so you can be fully informed.

Caliente Mustard

Caliente Mustard - what it does

Caliente Mustard Bed

Caliente Mustard - what it looks like

Seems pretty intelligent to me.  🙂

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