Well you’re probably all out planting and catching up

By | April 11, 2010

However I thought you might like a few tips on potting tomatoes on. I’ve spent about 4 hours this weekend potting on tomatoes and summer squash for the nursery and I thought you might be interested to have a look. The main tomato variety we’re growing this year is a small round bush tomato with an awesome flavour called Maskotva plus a few Roma and MoneyMaker.

Our potting bench

Our potting bench

Life is much easier because we have our own potting bench. We grow the plants in the small modules that you can see top right and here we’re potting them out into 12 cm pots.  We’re using Soil Association approved potting media which contains a fair amount of recycled peat and is very easy to handle. And so I put some of this in the bottom, sprinkle a pinch of Mycorrhiza on the bottom to promote rooting and help the plant access Phosphate, pop the plant block on top and then fill round the edges of the pot with the compost which I firm up by pushing down with the fingers.

Tomato plant sitting on some Mycorrhiza waiting for the rest of the compost

Tomato plant sitting on some Mycorrhiza waiting for the rest of the compost

Once it’s done they go onto the Trolley which will take them back to the propagation area to be watered and to await planting out in about a month or so. This lot were planted on 4th March originally and have been kept in an area that we don’t allow to go below 7 degree C.

Hope this is useful for you

Have a good w/e

One thought on “Well you’re probably all out planting and catching up

  1. Jaja

    Hi Nick,I lost a lot of plants last year from bhlgit and read on here its due to over watering.I was too eager last year and grew around 25 money makers so this year have went with only three ( 1 alacante and 2 garders delights) for ease of controlling.These share a good quality growbag for tomatoes and are in my green house which i’ve cleaned completely incase of any disease.My question is do I need to put holes in the bottom of the growbag and how often should i water? is it once or twice a day or just keep the soil moist?Looking for a good crop this year with patience.

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