Ever thought about Propagation?

By | January 6, 2010

Traditionally we either buy plants in or grow them from seed – but there is an alternative.

One of the problems with saving seed is that plants don’t always breed true. So you might be better off cloning some of the ones you’ve already got and saving yourself a fortune in new plants.

While there are advanced techniques of budding and grafting,  it’s often enough just to pop the end of a twig in the ground. Willows strike very easily like this and the propagating powers of plants like brambles where the wretched thing only has to touch the ground to throw out a load more roots are truly awesome.

However we can help plants along by thinking about what they need. If you have a one or two inch stem cutting from a bedding plant or perennial,  you can greatly increase your chances of success by

  1. making sure your plant it the right way up
  2. plant it in a little cell of the right media which is
  3. warm and watered and
  4. give it a little dab of rooting gel containing the auxin family of plant hormones to encourage root formation.

Here at The Intelligent Garden our aim is to make your life as easy as possible in getting ahead with your garden. So we’ve started offering get you started kits using the Root!t range from our partner,  Hydrogarden.

More information can be found on our main Propagation page.  If you’re interested in a kit you can buy one by clicking on the picture below at our Amazon store.

Get you started propagation kit

Get you started propagation kit

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