If winter comes can spring be far behind?

By | December 31, 2009

The main task for this weekend has got to be sitting down with the seed catalogues and planning next year’s layout for the garden.  Apart from all that final tidying up, staking tall plants, last minute pruning and sharpening up and cleaning the tools ready for the spring campaign.

If you are interested in some planning software that’s free to use for a month you can find it here. I used it for writing the growing in a small gardens page on the site and very handy it was too.

And in between times we can dream of summer. Here’s  a video of the glasshouses showing some of the stuff we grow and how we do it taken in July 2009. Note the use of Mipex for weed suppression – that’s one of our major issues with 2 acres of glass to manage organically 🙁

Happy New Year


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