Welcome to the Intelligent Garden

By | August 30, 2009

Fletching Glasshouses

Fletching Glasshouses

The Intelligent Garden developed from our Organic Nursery at Fletching Glasshouses where we sell plants as gifts on line and supply serious gardeners with organic pest controls and a few other items that we’ve found useful as growers and which will be useful for serious gardeners like yourelf. Here is a video describing the 4 kinds of pest control that you can use,

If you want better vegetables,  a natural environment or to learn to work with nature in a practical way –  you’ve come home to the right place. You’ll discover how plants grow, what they need and how to make your garden into that vibrant outdoor space you want.

In The Intelligent Garden, Science works with Nature to create a space that gladdens the heart and lifts the soul.

You can enjoy some of our favourite gardens via pictures and videos with the odd recipe to delight the inner man. So join us on this exciting adventure. You can contact us on 0845 094 0407 or 01825 724282 –  Dr Alan Rae – Fletching Glasshouses – 2014